How Do I Know Which Pillow Is Best For Me ?

There are so many to choose from! So which pillow is best for me ???


which pillow is best for me ?

OK, so you’ve made the leap and decided that your head needs to be treated to a slightly more comfortable resting place than your current flat, lumpy and smelly excuse for a pillow offers you.  But what are you going to go for?

Well, there are simply hundreds of products available for you online, and they broadly split into just a few options. If you’re  currently asking yourself the question which pillow is best for me ?‘, take a look at our handy no-nonsense guide below:


The Forgettable

You have paid some dollar for a nice new pillow – probably they have come in a handy set of two so you’re feeling pretty smug walking home from the supermarket. The next morning, you wake up thinking you still need to go to the shops to buy some new pillows, before realising you had already done that yesterday. You feel like a douche.

The No-Hoperwhich pillow is best for me? Not this One!You take the pillow out of its case and try to give it a quick plumping up. You can see straight through the pillow to read the label of your new designer mattress and wonder whether the manufacturer just emptied the fluff out of a washing machine and stuffed it into an old jute bag to create this pathetic excuse of a pillow. You should know by now not to buy bedding from a shop specialising in leopard skin onesies. This one doesn’t even get a test drive.


which pillow is best for me

The Oh my Days, Why Did I Pay So Much For This Damn Pillow?

Lured in by some snazzy advertising, you have splashed the cash and taken out a small mortgage to buy the pillow of your dreams instead of buying those shoes. It’s sleek, crunchy, relatively bulbous and smacks of style va va voom. For a couple of weeks you feel awesome; “what royal in this world sleeps better than me? “. A bit grumpy one night from seeing your favourite Strictly dancer unfairly put up for elimination, you decide that your pillow is also giving you jip. You put your old pillow underneath the new one for a bit more height, and sleep soundly. You end up using both pillows every night from then on, and keep looking at those shoes in the shop window. Mug.


which pillow is best for me

The Meh

You bought a pillow awhile back, I suppose. You sleep on it every night, but not particularly well. Just enough to get up and carry on the next day. It still feels a bit like a pillow and kinda acts like one so you keep using it because its on your bed every night you go into your room. If a small dog scurried into the room and ran off with your pillow, though, you probably wouldn’t bother to chase it.


The Princess and the Cricket Ball

Your bedroom is amazing. You come up with reasons to show any guests to your house the master bedroom – ‘You must see the view from upstairs’… while really thinking ‘Seriously, come and see my upstairs bedding show – I totes rock at this interior design thing‘. Every time you go to collapse into bed for the night, the crisp sheets and soft pastel tones of the room help you settle nicely, until you go to remove the sock that has seemingly found its way into the pillowcase again during the wash. But wait, no sock? Oh, yeah, your pillow is pants and you must remember to get something better soon, princess. Maybe you’ll have a quick look on the line now so your head can be saved from any more surface level bruising caused by this freakishly lumpy pillow. 


Women reading book and laying on four brightly coloured maternity pillows

The Game Changer – Ok, so which pillow is best for me?

You unashamedly make excuses to retire to bed when your best friends are over for another hilarious game of Cards Against Humanity because you know what is upstairs waiting for you. Your pillow is undoubtedly more supportive than your other half and feels better on the face than a cool breeze on a warm day. Sitting in bed, you thank social media for introducing you to something useful, at last – what an awesome impulsive decision it was to buy this pillow. And it’s hand crafted, so you’re kind of buying art. Life without this pillow has become unimaginable. You must remember to take it with you when you go away next weekend.

Hmmm… still wondering “which pillow is best for me ?“?




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