Designer Pillows Like No Others!

Time to Refresh Your Bedroom? Check Out These Designer Pillows!

A pillow is a pillow, is a pillow, is a pillow – right? No!

How many bedroom photos have you trawled through on Instagram?

And Pinterest? 100s, 1000s most likely. Did you notice that most of them have the same predictable feature? Inevitably, most pillows are rectangular and pale. Sure, they pad out many beautiful bedroom interiors and perch upon many wonderful beds – but they are unlikely to make any one of those rooms you have been looking at. I imagine the defining feature of the rooms you’ve been pining over have been the bed sheets, the bed frame, a nice mirror, some snazzy curtains or a chic chest of drawers. Not the pillows. OK, they add some visual sense of comfort when you look at them (if they’re new and still quite plump). But, you could probably swap them with the pillows in the previous picture you looked at and no-one would know the difference!

If you really want to make a unique statement in your designer bedroom – why not get yourself some designer pillows. Don’t know what that even means? Just check these out:

Designer Pillows from Pillowscapes

At Pillowscapes, we sell a simple range of four uniquely shaped designer pillows; the Bean, Bow, Drop and Peak. Each one is designed and handcrafted in the UK, and comes with a hand-signed pillowcase in either a bold colour or retro grey.

Conceived by an architect, these pillows have been created to provide some new options for the bedroom – something fun, eloquent and practical. The ergonomic shapes will help add a softness to your bedroom decor, whilst the vibrant colours of each pillowcase can provide a welcome accent to an otherwise quieter interior scheme.

Full Colour set of Pillowscapes Body Pillows

These designer pillows are also bigger than average, well, the Peak and Bean are a lot bigger than that. They will help you carve out some bed space and if you want to break the line of the headboard with something a little softer, these are for you. You can just add one to your existing pillowscape for a splash of creativity, or go the whole hog and completely renovate the top of your bed.

Maybe you are looking for that perfect finishing touch to your already beautiful bed space. Perhaps you want that first fresh item around which you can start planning the rest of the room. Or, maybe, you just like the idea of a designer pillow that’s a bit different and are are confident you can make it work. Whatever your reasons, thanks for popping by. Feel free to peruse the site for more info here.



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