T h e   B o w

SORE NECK? Do you roll around in the night? One pillow not enough, but two pillows is too much? The Bow is perfect for you!
  • Variable Height

    3 compartments give a completely unique experience – the pillow is thicker at each end! A bit thinner than two pillows.

  • Hugs your Head

    Lay on your back and the pillow cradles your head for ultimate comfort. with the shape designed to support your neck.

  • Perfect for Active Sleepers!

    The combination of shape and filling make this pillow perfect for those who like to move around in the night! The ends are a bit thicker than the middle.

Also great for: pillowfights, over-size ear muffs

I want one!

Available in Red or Grey!

  • Picture of the Red Bow Pillow
  • Picture of the Grey Bow Pillow

More Details:

A handmade dual-height pillowed formed from three filled compartments. The central compartment is different to the remainder of the pillow.

Approx 700x300mm

Anti-allergenic hollow conjugated polyester filling and 100% cotton-twill shell.

Incudes 1 hand-crafted pillowcase, constructed from a high thread count 100% cotton fabric.

Available colours: Grey, Red

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