About Us

Pillowscapes started with a lot of sore necks! Our lead designer, Edward, was fed up with getting up everyday with a stiff neck because his pillows weren’t quite right. He wanted something thicker than a single pillow, but only when sleeping on his side. OK, maybe he was being a bit fussy (!), but the point was valid – why are we all sleeping on the same jolly pillows, night after night, year after year? There must be some other options….

Several years later, after some fun with Play-doh models and lots of testing,  Pillowscapes are delighted to give you some options at last!

We have developed four unique pillows that can be used together, on their own or alongside your existing rectangular pillows.

The peak is great for sitting in bed, the bow helps Edward sleep better at night, the bean is just so much fun to have around and the drop is great for a bedroom wrestle. That’s our opinion – many people find completely unique ways of using our pillows and they seem to be particularly popular with side-sleepers and pregnant ladies searching for that extra bit of comfort. But see for yourself how Pillowscapes can reshape your sleep.

Founded 2016.

Norfolk, UK.

Registered Company

No. 10512508