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What’s in a pillow shape?

Your pillow is probably about 30 inches long, 18 inches wide and 5 inches deep. It’s a rectangle.

You squeeze it, fold it, squash it, put your arm under it, puff it, replace it. It’s still a rectangle.

And it’s not very comfortable.

Now you can have the best pillow for you.

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Pillow Colours

We all love colour, but our bedrooms often miss out on the fun!
Swap cream and mauve, and burgundy and beige for our supremely decorative pillows!

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The Best Pillow For You

The most unique thing about your pillow is probably it’s smell.

Yet you sleep on them every day. You stack them, fold them, read against them, prop your feet up on them and fight with them.

You let them stay in the room when no-one else can … and still, maybe your pillow could offer more for you.

Find the perfect pillow for your bed.

Made in the UK

Our designer pillows are handcrafted in East Anglia


Hand-crafted in Norfolk.

We have tested dozens of pillow fillings and shapes to create a set of the most comfortable and durable pillows available.

100% cotton cambric and filled with conjugated polyester for maximum enjoyment.


A collaboration of craftspeople and artists.

Our pillows embrace the attention to detail and aesthetic balance that our designers have acquired through years of architectural training.

Our logo was designed as a linocut by a well-known artist.


Made and signed by a traditional seamstress.

Each case is individually stamped and benefits from reinforced stitching and soft labelling.

100% thru-colour cotton, hand-cut and sewn to create beautiful vibrant cases.


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